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Monday, January 19

9:25-10:15Open Mobile Miniconf
A Linux multimedia platform for SH-Mobile processors
Conrad Parker
10:40-11:10Open Mobile Miniconf
Baglady 2.0 - A modular a/v streaming tool
Nancy Mauro-Flude

Tuesday, January 20

LCA Multimedia

Wednesday, January 21

10:40 - 11:30FFADO - Firewire audio for Linux
Jonathan Woithe

Social Science 1
16:00-16:50HW-Accelerated HD video playback under Linux
Zou Nanhai

Stanley Burbury 2

Thursday, January 22

11:40 - 12:40CELT: A Low-latency, High-quality Audio Codec
Timothy Terriberry

Social Science 1
16:00-16:45Liberating content
Benjamin Otte

Stanley Burbury 2
17:00-17:50Integrating videoconferencing into everyday applications
Olivier Crête

Social Science 2

Friday, January 23

10:40-11:30Collaborative Video for Wikipedia
Michael Dale

Arts Lecture Theatre
11:40-12:30Ogg Chopping: techniques for programming correctness and efficiency
Conrad Parker

Arts Lecture Theatre
14:50-15:40Why Open Media Matters
Rob Savoye

Stanley Burbury 2