Call For Presentations

The Call for Presentations is now open. Presentations may be Full length (50 min), Half length (25 min) or Lightning talks (10 min).

Full and half length presentations include time for audience interaction. Facilities will be a lecture with data projector.

Lightning talks are short talks/presentations that last no more than 10 minutes. This is a good opportunity to introduce a new project or tool. Slides have to be submitted beforehand to allow a quick progression of talks.


Examples of topics for presentations include (but are not limited to):

  • audio and video applications on Linux
  • Linux for digital audio workstations and musical instruments
  • video editing and postproduction on Linux
  • low latency and reliable audio and video in the Linux kernel and userspace
  • systems for connecting music, processing and control hardware
  • media frameworks: gstreamer, xine, ffmpeg, etc.
  • core Linux audio subsystems: Jack, ALSA, LADSPA, OSS, libsydneyaudio etc.
  • software synthesis and sequencing applications
  • recording, editing and mastering applications
  • audio and video file formats and codecs
  • streaming and network services for audio and video
  • telephony and speech technologies
  • video conferencing

Presentations must relate to Free and open source software and/or open standards.

Submitting talks

To submit a talk, please send the following information to lca-mm(at)

  • Name:
  • Company or Affiliation:
  • Title of talk:
  • Proposed Length of Talk:
  • Short abstract (100-300 words):
  • Homepage:

Please note all the above may be published on the miniconf homepage.

Dates and Deadlines

This year, we were slackers and the call didn't go out early. But please contact us asap so you can get into the LCA programme.

  • Nov 2008 - Call for Presentations distributed
  • 21st Dec 2008 - Deadline for submissions
  • 20 Jan 2009 - Miniconf


In previous years it was necessary to sign up for the main conference in order to speak at a miniconf. This year, the organisers will issue special passes for miniconf speakers who are not attending the main conference. This pass allows you to attend both days of miniconfs, and also gets you a free tshirt!