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Tuesday, January 19

LCA Multimedia

Wednesday, January 20

11:30 - 12:15Implementing HTML5 video in Firefox
Chris Double

Renouf 2

Thursday, January 21

13:30 - 17:30HTML5 video: how to process and publish video in an open format
Silvia Pfeiffer

Civic Suites 1&2
14:30-15:15Toward GStreamer 1.0
Jan Schmidt

Renouf 1

Friday, January 22

14:30-15:15Thusnelda: Modernizing Theora
Timothy Terriberry

Renouf 1
15:45-16:30Sharing Userspace IO Devices for fast access to multimedia hardware
Conrad Parker

Ilott Theatre
15:45-16:30The importance of open video on the web
Robert O'Callahan

Civic Suites 1&2