Paper abstracts

Editing video with Pitivi

Speakers: Jaime Schmidt & Jan Schmidt

Time: 10:30

Pitivi is a video editor based on the GStreamer multimedia framework. This presentation will provide an introduction to using Pitivi, and the newest features in recent releases by running through the process of importing and editing a real video.

Producing WebM content with GStreamer

Speaker: Jan Schmidt

Time: 11:15

There are several different ways of producing WebM compatible content with GStreamer based software. This talk will provide an introduction to some of the available methods: gst-launch, Transmageddon, Pitivi and Flumotion.

Adventures in Real Time Audio

Speaker: Roderick Dornan

Time: 13:30

Setting up a workable real-time system is important if one wishes to use Linux for live audio work without audio dropouts. This talk will discuss the author's experiences in configuring such a system and give attendees plenty of tips to apply to their own machines.

FFADO update

Speaker: Jonathan Woithe

Time: 14:00

The FFADO project implements a vendor-independent driver framework for firewire audio devices. The past 12 months has been a period of consolidation for FFADO with the bugfix release 2.0.1 being the most visible activity. However, over this time considerable work has been done behind the scenes, with a number of new drivers approaching readiness for wider testing. In addition there have been discussions about the project's next steps.

This brief update will outline the practical benefits of the current progress in several drivers and then move on to a discussion about the next stage of FFADO development. In particular, the recently refined plans for an in-kernel streaming engine will be shared which, it is hoped, will lead to considerable efficiencies within the FFADO system and broaden access to the FFADO devices.

Making music with Linux

Speaker: Roderick Dornan

Time: 14:30

This tutorial-style presentation will give a practical demonstration of the vast array of open-source tools we have at our disposal to make music. The focus of this talk will be live music making, but many of the processes are just as applicable to composition and other "off-line" tasks.

Audio and video processing in HTML5

Speaker: Silvia Pfeiffer

Time: 15:45

Audio and video processing have traditionally been hard number-crunching tasks to do and nobody would have considered executing them in a Web browser on a remote file. However, with the capabilities of modern hardware and web browser software, and the integration of audio and video into HTML5, it's now possible to do (almost) everything inside a web browser in real-time with a bit of JavaScript. In this talk we will look at the Firefox Audio API to visualize sound with an FFT and to manipulate sound. For video we look at the possibilities of the Canvas to manipulate video pixels in real-time to achieve things like motion detection.