Call for papers

Continuing the tradition from past conferences, the LCA Multimedia Miniconf is back at 2011 (LCA2011). 2011 will be hosted in Brisbane, Australia from 24-29 January 2011 with the miniconfs being held over the first two days. For more information about the conference check out

Multimedia encapsulates a wide variety of topics: composition and playpack of video, audio and music. Submissions are now invited from those interested in giving presentations or short tutorials at the Multimedia miniconf on any topic related to opensource multimedia software, such as the following:

  • exciting new additions to existing software
  • development of new multimedia programs
  • how to set Linux up for multimedia composition, authoring and/or playback
  • great user experiences with open source multimedia software
  • legal issues surrounding multimedia content and its use with open source software
  • descriptions of multimedia workflows: tools used, process followed, and so forth
  • upcoming features in low-level infrastructure (JACK, ALSA, PulseAudio, etc)
  • any other open source multimedia topic we haven't thought of

It is expected that most of the miniconf presentation slots will be around 20 minutes with question time to follow. We may be able to accommodate longer 50 minute presentations depending on the number of proposals offered. In addition, time will be allocated for 5 minute "lightning talks". Projection facilities will be available. Please note that in line with guidelines miniconfs cannot receive funding, nor can they provide travel or accommodation assistance. In general presenters and attendees at miniconfs must be registered for LCA2011 although miniconf-only registration can be arranged - contact the multimedia minconf organisers for more information.

To submit a proposal please send the following to or one of the organisers by Friday 22 October 2010 00:00 UT (note the extended deadline):

  • your name and preferred email address
  • the title of your talk
  • a brief abstract describing what you want to talk about (up to about 500 words)
  • your preferred presentation length

For more information about the miniconf please refer to the website or contact one of the organisers (Jonathan Woithe, Silvia Pfeiffer or Roderick Dornan).