Welcome to the LCA Multimedia and Music 2013 miniconf!

The Multimedia and Music miniconf at LCA2013 was held in Canberra in 2013 on Monday 28 January.

The digital convergence of media in recent years has seen an ever increasing use of computer-based platforms for the consumption of all forms of media. At the same time, the continued rise of computer performance means that sophisticated production techniques and software are now within reach of everyone. This evolving landscape presents many opportunities and challenges to both developers and users of opensource software. The 2013 LCA Multimedia and music miniconf provided a forum to explore all aspects of production and playback of music, audio and video on open-source platforms.

Our Call for Papers page is retained for future reference.

The miniconf timetable page lists the presentations given during the miniconf with links to slides where available and relevant.

LCA Multimedia and music 2013 was organised by Jonathan Woithe and Silvia Pfeiffer. For more information please contact Jonathan or Silvia. Additional contact information is available on the contact page.

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