Miniconf timetable

The following is the timetable for the the Multimedia and Music Miniconf.

9:00-10:00 - LCA day 2 welcome

10:00-10:40 - Morning tea (catered)

10:40-12:20 - Media tools

12:20-13:20 - Lunch (uncatered)

13:20-15:00 - Media streaming and web technologies

15:00-15:40 - Afternoon tea (catered)

15:40-17:00 - session TBA

  • 15:40 - A Gstreamer Talk (Jan Schmidt) Slides. Note that this slide set is a python framework and additional dependencies will be required to run it.
  • 16:30 - Performances and demonstrations
    • Pia Waugh
    • Paul Wayper
    • Jonathan Woithe
    • Liz Quilty
    • Mike Tarantino
  • 17:00 - Lightning talks and miniconf close


Jonathan Woithe: Automated synchronisation of unsynchronised digital recordings (25 minutes)

When using separate digital recorders to capture different aspects of an event or session, it is ideal that all units share a common clock. Unfortunately the hardware to enable this is expensive. Manual synchronisation during post-production is possible but tedious. This talk discusses some approaches towards automated synchronisation with reference to some proof of concept software which has been written for this purpose.

Euan de Kock: Linking outside the box - using MIDI and OSC to devirtualise the DAW studio (50 minutes)

The advent of the DAW has moved most audio production tasks into a virtual environment in a computer workstation, this has given us a great amount of flexibility but has robbed us of the vast range of knobs and controls we've grown accustomed to. Our new studio is like a Tardis - small on the outside, but massive inside - and all of this is only accessible through a keyboard and mouse.
In my talk, I'll show some of the circuits I'm building and demonstrate ways in which we can regain control of our art, using MIDI and OSC to interface external hardware and software into our virtual studio.
We'll cover some of the traditional approaches and challenges and will speculate on some future directions worth following.

Eric Willigers and Alan Cutter: Web Animations (50 minutes)

Web Animations is a new animation standard to unify the capabilities of existing web standards (CSS Animations, CSS Transitions and SVG Animations). It will provide a rich and powerful timing model and Javascript API for web developers and animations libraries to support sophisticated and interactive animations on the web platform.

Tim Ansell: How is being live streamed (25 minutes)

Tim will discuss the systems in place to live-stream this year's on the web.

Silvia Pfeiffer: A node.js toolbox for WebRTC application development (25 minutes)

WebRTC is enabling a revolution of web-based communications, but it can be tricky to get started. We've developed a toolbox of modules to enable Web application developers to make use of peer-to-peer audio, video or data functionalities. The modules can be used as JavaScript libraries, but are easiest deployed using node.js. See for more information.
In the spirit of WebRTC this presentation will be given remotely.

Jan Schmidt: A GStreamer talk (50 minutes)

This talk will provide an overview of the status of the GStreamer project, recent developments and future direction. It will discuss some of the more interesting GStreamer based projects currently around - in the opinion of the presenter ;)
Jan Schmidt is a GStreamer developer and maintainer. In 2013, he joined forces with 2 other GStreamer maintainers - Tim Müller and Sebastian Dröge - and founded Centricular Ltd, a new Open Source consultancy with a focus on GStreamer, cross-platform multimedia and graphics. He lives outside Wodonga, Victoria.